[cabf_validation] Validation WG meeting minutes 2019-10-24

Bruce Morton Bruce.Morton at entrustdatacard.com
Thu Oct 24 08:27:24 MST 2019

  1.  Assign note taker : Bruce

  1.  Anti-trust statement: Completed

  1.  Attendees: Tim H, Bruce, Daniela, Doug, Enrico, Janet Hines, Li-Chun, Ryan, Joanna, Wayne

  1.  Precertificate Ballot : Tim has provided comments to the ballot. There are two ballot versions provided by Wayne and Ryan. Ryan is concerned that Wayne's draft does not define how CAs will respond for the status of precertificates. Ryan provided a method for response which Tim agreed with.

  1.  Agenda for face-to-face Meeting: Tim will provide a summary of the status of the Validation Subcommittee. There were no other agenda items requested. Tim will review the thread and look for other items to include on the agenda.

  1.  Meeting 7 November: This meeting is cancelled due to the F2F meeting in China.

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