[cabf_validation] Update for Applicants that are Individual Natural Persons

Dimitris Zacharopoulos jimmy at it.auth.gr
Thu May 31 23:25:14 MST 2018

The current BRs in state that
"For purposes of domain validation, the term Applicant includes the 
Applicant's Parent Company, Subsidiary Company, or Affiliate."

which doesn't include the case of an Applicant being an Individual 
Natural Person. Since the term "Applicant" is already defined in 1.6.1, 
this sentence should probably me amended to point to 1.6.1 instead of 
trying to re-define the term.

*"Applicant*: The natural person or Legal Entity that applies for (or 
seeks renewal of) a Certificate. Once the Certificate issues, the 
Applicant is referred to as the Subscriber. For Certificates issued to 
devices, the Applicant is the entity that controls or operates the 
device named in the Certificate, even if the device is sending the 
actual certificate request."

However, there were previous discussions related to DV Certificates 
about who actually "signs" the Subscriber Agreement, especially for 
cases where the CA has no idea (i.e. does not validate) who the person 
or legal entity is behind a DV Certificate Application.

As far as I can understand the current definition of an Applicant, a 
"natural person" has at least a full name and a "legal entity" has at 
least a name. Since we don't have any of that,  how valid is a 
Subscriber Agreement without at least this basic information?

I also created an issue on github 
<https://github.com/cabforum/documents/issues/96>but I thought it would 
be best to post it here for future discussion.

Thank you,


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