[cabf_validation] Minutes from the Validation Subcommittee Meeting of 16 August 2018

Ben Wilson ben.wilson at digicert.com
Thu Aug 16 12:22:31 MST 2018

Minutes from the Validation Subcommittee Meeting of 16 August 2018

Notetaker:  Ben Wilson

Attendees: Tim Hollebeek, Ben Wilson, Shelley Brewer, Bruce Morton, Corey Bonnell, Doug Beattie, Tim Shirley, Frank Corday, Joanna Fox, Rich Smith, Robin Alden, Li-Chun Chen, Wayne Thayer

1. IP Address Remove-any-Other-Method Ballot

It was agreed to move forward with the ballot without waiting for other ballots.

2. Validation-Method-in-Certs Ballot

We will want to separate out the two types of methods-domain names and IP address.  For encoding, we would use an ASN.1 bit string to identify each different validation method.  Wayne is working to modify the ballot.  There is uncertainty on how to map the methods into the bit positions.  It was generally agreed that the clearest, simplest approach would be best, possibly reserving the bit positions for deprecated methods instead of arbitrary mapping, which would require extra translation. Bit zero could be left empty.  There was a question as to whether the ballot had a way to map the current sections into subsections.  Tim said he would look at that to see that it does.  There was uncertainty as to whether there would be two separate OIDs along with two separate extensions.  Tim explained that the set of certificates that had both domain names and IP addresses would be small, and Wayne said that certificates with the IP address extension would be rare.

3. CAA Contact Ballot

Corey had made suggestions, which Tim was going to incorporate into the ballot.  There was also a need to reference the correct RFC that defines what a valid email address is. There is a need to get the two versions to more closely align, and Tim will work on the CAA version to not use URIs, which will be more customer friendly.

4. Method 3 Ballot

Doug will send out an update to create a discussion thread about the leaving voicemail requirements and other stuff to solicit comments from a broader group.

5. Other Business

Tim will not be on the next call, so Wayne will prepare the next agenda.

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