[cabf_validation] Use cases list for amendments to BR

Kirk Hall Kirk.Hall at entrustdatacard.com
Thu Sep 21 09:50:33 MST 2017

Peter and Jeremy, I really like your proposal today to start with a list of use cases for each of the 10 validation methods before we start drafting amendments.  That will help us focus on the best wording for the amendments, and to see where we need changes.

So the document could be something like this:

1. Validation Method 1 (BR - Validating the Applicant as a Domain Contact

a)      Use Case A: CA confirms identity and contact

b)      Use Case B: [Something else]

c)       Etc.

. Validation Method 2 (BR - Email, Fax, SMS, or Postal Mail to Domain Contact

a)      Use Case A: CA sends email with Random Value to permitted address(es), recipient clicks on RV link to confirm

b)      Use Case B: [Something else]

c)       Etc.

We can introduce other roles in some of the use cases (e.g., a task is done by a reseller or ISP/hosting company) so every main possibility is listed.

Once someone creates a draft list, we can add to it in VWG meetings, and also give to our vetting staff to supplement.
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