[cabf_validation] Notes of Meeting 2017-09-07

Rick Andrews Rick_Andrews at symantec.com
Thu Sep 7 15:42:28 MST 2017

Looking over Ballot 213 - Revocation Timeline, I see that it's already in
the discussion period, but it doesn't have any formal endorsers. Gerv said
he would endorse it "when the time came". 


Our Bylaws 2.3 (c) say "A representative of any Member can call for a
proposed ballot to be published for discussion and comment by the
membership. Any proposed ballot needs two endorsements by other Members in
order to proceed." I think this one is getting ahead of itself; it probably
shouldn't have entered the discussion period until it got two endorsers, and
it probably should have been labelled a pre-ballot without dates. I'm no
expert on Bylaws, so I welcome comments or corrections.




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Notes of Validation Working Group Meeting


Present:  Rick A., Ben W., Tim S., Tyler M., Doug B., Wayne T.


The group discussed whether to  introduce Ballot 207 - ASN.1 Jurisdiction in
EV Guidelines and Ballot 208 - dnQualifiers.  It was uncertain whether it
would cause confusion with other pending ballots (Ballot 190 - Validation
Methods, Ballot 213 - Revocation Timeline, and the  governance reform
ballot).  No decision was made.


The group felt that some work on validation methods should wait until voting
has completed on Ballot 190.  Ben said he would circulate the old list of
issues (see attached) and ask people to add to the list and remove items
that had already been addressed.


Doug asked whether we should address any CAA issues in this working group.


Ben said that we have one more meeting before our face-to-face meeting in
Taipei and that we should gather up issues to talk about.


Meeting adjourned.


Next meeting - Thursday, 21 Sept. 2017



Ben Wilson, JD, CISA, CISSP

VP Compliance

+1 801 701 9678


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