[cabf_validation] Ballot 190 at the VWG meeting on Tuesday

Kirk Hall Kirk.Hall at entrustdatacard.com
Sat Jun 17 23:10:14 MST 2017

I don't arrive in Berlin until mid-day Tuesday, so can't be at the VWG meeting.  But please go over Ballot 190 with any recommendations for change.

I know I need to capitalize Certificates and will do in the next draft.

Jeremy - I know you have other changes for BR  Here is what I would say - if you have a change that is simple, absolutely essential now, and will not create controversy, then we can include it.  Otherwise, let's get Ballot 190 done, and start on a corrections ballot where we can take the necessary time.  I think I may have addressed some of your issues in the current version of Ballot 190 already.
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