[cabf_validation] ASN.1 format

Jeremy Rowley jeremy.rowley at digicert.com
Thu Jun 15 07:39:39 MST 2017

I couldn't find the proposed ballot, but here is the ASN.1 language. I think
we talked about adding this as an Appendix to the Baseline Requirements.


jurisdictionLocalityName ATTRIBUTE ::= {

  SUBTYPE OF               name

  WITH SYNTAX              DirectoryString{ub-locality-name}

  LDAP-SYNTAX              directoryString.&id

  ID                       id-evat-joi-localityName }


jurisdictionStateOrProvinceName ATTRIBUTE ::= {

  SUBTYPE OF               name

  WITH SYNTAX              DirectoryString{ub-state-name}

  LDAP-SYNTAX              directoryString.&id

  ID                       id-evat-joi-stateOrProvinceName }


jurisdictionCountryName ATTRIBUTE ::= {

  SUBTYPE OF               name

  WITH SYNTAX              CountryName

  SINGLE VALUE             TRUE

  LDAP-SYNTAX              countryString.&id

  ID                       id-evat-joi-countryName }



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