[cabf_validation] Issues for next Validation Working Group call

Kirk Hall Kirk.Hall at entrust.com
Tue Oct 11 15:27:40 MST 2016

Here are some issues from the Sept. 15 CABF call for the VWG to consider.  I know there are other issues also.  Dean says there is no time for a VWG meeting at the F2F next week, so we should consider on our next call.

Did we find an alternative time for future calls?

(1) Updating BR (IP Address verification) to match Ballot 169.  Doug had sent an email suggesting the validation methods for IP addresses in BR be updated as appropriate to match the new validation methods for domain names in BR  Gerv agreed, and suggested the issue be sent to the Validation Working Group.  Kirk will make this request to Jeremy Rowley, who was not on the call.

(2) OID needed for Test Certificate under Ballot 169.  Dimitris pointed out that the new definition of Test Certificate under Ballot 169 called for the CA to include "a critical extension with the specified Test Certificate CABF OID" in the Test Certificates.  Kirk asked if this was meant to be a single Test Certificate OID used by all CAs, or one unique to each CA.  Dimitris said the natural interpretation was a single CABF OID used by all CAs, and thought the Validation Working Group should get an OID assigned.  Doug agreed.  Kirk noted the Validation Working Group recently became inactive, but that he would talk to Jeremy Rowley about scheduling new meetings.

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Does the Validation working group want to take the Code signing time slot which is Noon Eastern time tomorrow?

Code Signing has no meetings scheduled right now so you can conceivably take it.

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