[Cscwg-public] Final minutes 3/26 meeting

Dean Coclin dean.coclin at digicert.com
Thu Apr 9 11:33:35 MST 2020

These are the approved minutes of the subject call


1.	Roll Call: Bruce Morton, Joanna Fox, Atsushi Inaba, Dean Coclin,
Tomas Gustavson, Corey Bonnell, Daniela Hood, Mike Reilly, Hugh Mercer, Ian


2.	Antitrust statement read by Dean


3.	Prior minutes of March 12th and March 18th summit approved. Sent to
Public list.


4.	Forum Ballot 13: In discussion period. Voting to start next week


5.	Summit actions: Bruce said he had emailed the document from the
summit to everyone and suggested each person take a section to review. The
review should be done as follows: Take the EV guidelines and the document
Bruce sent for your specific section and insure that the material from EV
was added properly. Double check Bruce's edits, insure no substantive
changes were made. Identify other parking lot items. Volunteers are as


Joanna/Daniela - Section 7

Mike - Sections 8, 10, 13

Corey - Section 9

Hugh - Section 11

Dimitris - Section 12

Dean - Sections 14, 18

Tomas - Section 15

Ian - Section 16, Appendix A and B


Section 17 will be looked at later


The group was asked to be ready to discuss on the next call. Each person
will display their section in sequence on that call so that all can see what
was done.


6.	Next meeting: April 9th




Dean Coclin



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