[cabf_validation] Discussion on improvements for automation in the context of EV certificates

Christophe Bonjean christophe.bonjean at globalsign.com
Wed Dec 13 14:32:01 UTC 2023

Hi all - sharing the draft text for "language improvements in EVGs regarding




Any feedback is greatly appreciated.




From: Christophe Bonjean 
Sent: Thursday, November 2, 2023 2:18 PM
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Subject: Discussion on improvements for automation in the context of EV


Hi all,


As a forum, without a doubt one of our goals is to consider areas of
automation. In this context, we believe that there are a few areas where the
language of the EV Guidelines is ambiguous, and this ambiguity may
unnecessarily hinder the goal of automation.


A few areas that we want to highlight:


Due diligence requirement and how it relates to automated processes like
domain validation

All the verification processes and procedures are subject to review by
someone who is not responsible for the collection of the information. Does
this requirement make sense for elements like domain validation which can be
completely automated? What is the added value of making the automated domain
validation subject to the review by a person?


Delegation of the final cross-correlation to Enterprise RA

What exactly is in scope of this delegation? How does it differ from the
role of a Certificate Approver?


We would like to see if there's an opportunity and appetite to clarify some
of the language surrounding these topics.


Could this possibly be added to the agenda?



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