[cabf_validation] Trello to Github issue migration

Corey Bonnell Corey.Bonnell at digicert.com
Wed Mar 23 13:26:01 UTC 2022


I'm currently in the process of reviewing all open items on our Trello board
(https://trello.com/b/NuqJuIcZ/validation-working-group) with the goal of
migrating to a Github project
(https://github.com/cabforum/servercert/projects/2). As a first step, I have
created a CSV of all open items on the Trello board and have suggested an
action for each item:
https://gist.github.com/CBonnell/5658d3ba006718e7c6161221ad3b15dd. Several
open items on the Trello board can be closed as the work has already been
completed; there's no value in creating Github issues for those. For most, I
believe the best course of action is to create a Github issue so we can
track in the Github project.


I plan to discuss this migration a bit on tomorrow's call, but if you have a
moment, please review the CSV linked above and raise comments, questions,
etc. with the proposed action for the items.




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