[cabf_validation] Draft Ballot to Remove IP "Any Other Method" Validation (SC7)

Wayne Thayer wthayer at mozilla.com
Wed Jan 2 13:36:44 MST 2019

Thanks Ryan. These seem like good topics for tomorrow's call.

On Wed, Dec 26, 2018 at 8:32 AM Ryan Sleevi <sleevi at google.com> wrote:

> Thanks Wayne,
> I added some comments to the doc, but since they might capture more than
> just a thread-in-docs, I wanted to echo two thornier questions. I'm sorry
> if I missed these being answered on the call, as I had a conflicting
> appointment.
> 1) This proposal deviates from, in that as proposed, it does not
> require validation of nameConstraints' permittedSubtrees for iPAddresses,
> whereas does require the validation for dNSName permittedSubtrees.
> I think it's also attempting to provide a valuable clarification (namely,
> just because it's nameConstrained doesn't mean it doesn't need to be
> validated), but I'm curious the motivation to removing the validation
> requirement for subCAs.
> As best I can tell this is an artifact of the original ballot that (I
think) Jeremy drafted years ago. It may be that the language was
changed and this was never updated to mirror it. If we apply this language
only to excludedSubtrees, then it's consistent with section 7.1.5.

2) An OV-level requirement was added, but without clear value or reason. In
> particular, it seems to (intentionally?) preclude the use of contact emails
> as provided by the RIR (with example given on the doc using via
> I think, for this second point, it would be a far stronger validation
> requirement to entirely remove the notion of "OV-equivalent" vetting, and
> instead require explicit use of contact information provided by the RIR,
> given that the RIR doesn't provide unambiguous incorporation information
> necessary to provide that presumed OV linkage. Concretely: Making
> about contact to the RIR-provided details, rather than by saying "Eh, looks
> close enough".
> Since this method appears to mirror the now-deprecated, I agree
that we should update it rather than describing an existing insecure method
in this ballot.

On Fri, Dec 21, 2018 at 4:59 PM Wayne Thayer via Validation <
> validation at cabforum.org> wrote:
>> As discussed on yesterday's call, I'd like to get ballot SC7 moving
>> again. Here is a link to an updated draft of the ballot:
>> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rPXeT1XzviTHP9YrOwfBoYWIcE_dXUFoxI6yp6t9zjY/edit?usp=sharing
>> There are a few comments there that we can discuss on the next call -
>> feel free to add more.
>> Thanks,
>> Wayne
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