[cabf_validation] Validation Subcommittee Meeting Minutes for 21-Nov 2019

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Can someone please forward me the calendar invite for this meeting?

Thank you,

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Here are the minutes of today's meeting as recorded by Dean:

  1.  Anti-Trust statement read by Wayne
  2.  Participants: Wayne Thayer, Bruce Morton, Ryan Sleevi, Dean Coclin, Janet Hines, Li-Chun Chen, Niko Carpenter, Rich Smith, Robin Alden, Ben Wilson
  3.  Assign notetaker: Dean will take notes
  4.  Method 6 Ballot: Doug is away this week but had sent out a draft on Nov 8th. Participants have not had a chance to review. Ryan and Wayne said they will review soon. Bruce said CAs should review for impact.
  5.  Any other business: Dean mentioned that he had brought up 4 potential improvements to EV certs in Greece and that 2 of the 4 proposals seemed to have some agreement among participants to move further along, namely CAA records and limiting data sources for EV validation. Dean will discuss with Tim for an agenda slot on a future VWG call.
  6.  Next call: December 5th
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