[cabf_validation] Validation Agenda

Tim Hollebeek tim.hollebeek at digicert.com
Mon Apr 23 08:10:53 MST 2018


I unfortunately will not be able to attend this week's validation WG call,
as I have a conflicting all day meeting.


Looking at the Trello board, I've moved "Future of Validation WG after
Ballot 206" to Completed, as all we have left is to announce that we are now
a subcommittee and get approval from the Server Certificate WG after July
3rd.  It's not even clear that that's necessary under the old or new bylaws,
but we might as well do it just so everyone is on the same page.


The following items should be discussed:


1.	Bruce's new validation method.  Now that people have had more time
to read it, are there more comments?
2.	Doug's Method 3 improvements.  There's been some discussion on the
list, but feedback from more people would be helpful.
3.	Jeremy's IP ballot.  It seems to me like we've circled back to being
able to pass it unchanged and remove  Does anyone see any
problems, or have methods that need to be added?
4.	With the impending changes to WHOIS due to GDPR, is it worth
clarifying that using RDAP to get WHOIS data is not only acceptable, but
superior?  I think RDAP is allowed under the current language, but I've
heard other interpretations.  It would be nice to clarify that.
5.	What do we want to accomplish at the London meeting?  I've told Kirk
we probably want 4 hours or more to continue making progress, but also want
to leave time for other working groups on WG day this time.  Does that sound
like a good plan?
6.	Other topics.  Feel free to suggest.




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