[cabf_validation] Notes from call on 18-May-2017

Ben Wilson ben.wilson at digicert.com
Thu May 25 13:24:13 MST 2017

Here are my notes from last week's call.


Present:  Ben Wilson, Rich Smith, Doug Beattie, Bruce Morton, Rick Andrews,
Kirk Hall, Chris Bailey, Li-Chun Chen, Peter Bowen 


Ben reviewed the ballots as listed in last meeting's minutes.


Ballot 191 - EV Place of Business.  Voting ends May 23


Latin Notary revision - Doug was the proposer, Jeremy was one of the
endorsers, and Kirk agreed to endorse.  Ben will look into.  


Ballot 199 - Contents of Subordinate CA CNs -  passed - IPR review lasts
until June 8.


ASN1 grammar ballot to add jurisdiction of incorporation information to EV
Guidelines.  Peter is proposer, Jeremy is endorser, and Li-Chun is an
additional endorser.  Peter wanted the shorter version that only included
jurisdiction of incorporation.  Ben will follow up on.  


"Applicant's legal or physical address" ballot was suggested by Li Chun.
Jeremy said that the address of "existence or operation" was unclear for
non-native English speakers and needed to be clarified.    


Ballot on RFC 5280 exceptions -  Ben asked for endorsers.


"Other name" ballot - we still need to create a procedure for "other names"


IP address validation ballot - wait until Ballot 190 issues get worked out.


Ballot 190 is being discussed on the public list.  The general consensus was
that the use of OIDs represents an unnecessary change to ballot 190 and
should be discussed separately so as not to delay this ballot any further.


Jeremy provided a substantial set of updates (recently), but again, the
general feeling was that this level of change would only delay the ballot.
The current words have been used since ballot 169 and we'd prefer not to
make unnecessary changes at this point, although they could be introduced


We had a lengthy discussion about how the domain validation steps are
defined and how they relate to the managed SSL accounts operated by many CAs
where the data is vetted and then a certificate is placed and immediately
issued since the data has all been preconfigured.  We wanted to be sure that
the ballot as stated did not preclude this flow by focusing too much on
validation of an FQDN and not on validation of the base domain.  Subsequent
to the meeting, these discussions continued on the public list with a
subject line of "[cabfpub] Preballot - Revised Ballot 190".


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