[cabf_validation] Minutes from June 29, 2017

Jeremy Rowley jeremy.rowley at digicert.com
Thu Jul 13 08:04:23 MST 2017

Attendees: Ben, Jeremy, Rich, Tim, Bruce, Li Chun

Ready for ballot: DN Qualifier, Aggregation of liability, ANS.1, Underscore
character, Latin notary

Should the validation working group charter be restated? Is it an issue that
the WG can go on forever? The work will probably go on forever as validation
will always be necessary. 

190 is about ready - we'll clean up the current document after approval. 


1.	Create a list of issues with 190
2.	Typo on https
3.	Unclear meaning in "Authorization Domain Name" and whether this
includes the FQDN. Definition is missing a clarification on what pruning
does and what you are pruning. 


Ben will create a shared spreadsheet to document and discuss issues. 


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