[cabf_validation] Minutes from Feb 9, 2017

Jeremy Rowley jeremy.rowley at digicert.com
Thu Feb 23 01:24:19 MST 2017

Attendees: Li-Chun, Wayne, Tim, Jeremy, Bruce, Steve, Tyler, Ben, 

1.       Corrections to 169 - Rick will reach out to Gerv and ask him if he
will add the 169 corrections to the method to add back in methods 1 and 8.

2.       CNAME - No longer being discussed (will be added to the updated 169

3.       IP Address validation - We discussed how validation of control over
the IP address would work. We need to add more of the methods listed under
domain validation to the IP address validation.

4.       SRV Names/otherNames - Peter and Jeremy will work on this. Email
address will be dropped

5.       Notary Change - This expands the definition of Latin Notaries. Doug
to prepare a ballot.

6.       Validation Methods - What if the resulting return is a CNAME to
another site? Can you follow the path? Yes - this is found in the definition
of Authorization Domain.

7.       Does this group want to create requirements around information
included in a subordinate certificate? Must include country, common name,
name of organization. Two parts: a) what fields should we require and b)
what is reasonable information to include in those fields. Country, org, and
common name should be present. Dictation of who runs the CA is determined by
the policy OID asserted in the cert. It would be good to clarify disclosure
rules about who should be named in these issuing certs. This may not fit
into the validation working groups scope. We will discuss further on the
next call.

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