[cabf_validation] Minutes for January 26th

Jeremy Rowley jeremy.rowley at digicert.com
Wed Feb 8 17:54:46 MST 2017

1)      Section - Bruce sent out a proposal that changes the text
for required/optional. Jurisdictional state information is already optional
so the change only points to the place of business. The working group will
move forward with Bruce's ballot to address place of business. We won't deal
with jurisdiction as it's already covered.

2)      CNAME - Delayed until the DNS validation ballot moves forward. 

3)      Verification Databases - The goal is to standardize the validation
process for OV. However, what is driving this change? So far there isn't a
driving factor to further standardize over the existing guidelines. Right
now we don't have a list of verification databases for EV so this doesn't
need to be done for OV. This adds complexity on how the CAB Forum approves
and maintains databases.

4)      Well-known registration - Ben followed up with Mark. We think this
is complete. Wayne had a couple of issues with the language: 

a.       Implication in language that there has to be more than the random
value or request token. Confusion is introduced by "Required website
content". This is a comma error. This should be a random value OR a request
token with information specified by the CA. You want to prevent people from
trolling around looking for request tokens. The easy fix is to change the
definition to random value or request token with information that identifies
the subscriber.

b.       Request Value is listed. Should be Random Value.

c.       There are a couple of sections that refer to 3.3.1 of BRs dealing
with data reuse. Should point to a different section. 

These are all minor errors. We should add them to a ballot to clean this up.
We should add this to the ballot that re-adds the two methods dropped that
didn't have exclusion notices. We shouldn't add this to the reuse ballot.
Wayne will reach out to Gerv to see if he will include these in the same

5)      IP Validation - Jeremy still needs to do an update. 

6)      SRV/Other Name/822Name - Peter and Jeremy will sync up to work on
it. We will create a procedure for otherNames. 

7)      ANS.1 Ballot - Completed. Just waiting for ballots to resume


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