[cabf_validation] CAA Tags, concrete proposal

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I personally find OIDs very hard for non-technical users to grasp.  And even for technical users who haven’t seen them before.  I agree numbers are bad, but why don’t you like readable text labels, like Validation=Phone?


I think account and account-uri are complimentary approaches.  I agree that CAs need the freedom to put whatever they want on the right hand side of these, and many CAs have existing customer identification schemes that are not URIs, so the account-uri field cannot be used.




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Hi! I like the ideas here, generally. Some very similar ideas have been brought up in https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-acme-caa-03, in particular the account-uri parameter. I'd recommend using the same syntax, and allowing CAs to decide on their own account-uri schemes.


For the validation methods, rather than bare numbers, I think it would be useful to assign OIDs to the validation methods currently in the BRs (if there aren't OIDs already assigned), and use those as a long-term unambiguous reference. This has the advantage that it's also relatively straightforward to embed OIDs designation validation methods in certificates if CAs decide to do that.


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Attached is a document that attempts to make a concrete proposal about how the CAA tags that have been discussed recently might work.


Comments welcome.




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