[cabf_validation] givenName and surname

Kurt Roeckx kurt at roeckx.be
Fri Jun 10 12:25:05 MST 2016

On Fri, Jun 10, 2016 at 05:36:40PM +0000, Jeremy Rowley wrote:
> Final updates based on discussion. Any other comments before we send this to
> the main list for a vote?
> Insert a new (C) under, renumbering all subsequent bullets.
> c. Certificate Field: subject:givenName ( and subject:surname (2.5.
> 4.4)
> Optional.
> Contents:  If present, the subject:givenName field and subject:surname field
> MUST contain an natural person Subject's name as verified under Section
> 3.2.3. A Certificate containing a subject:givenName field or subject:surname
> field must contain the ( Certificate Policy OID.

Should that be a "MUST" instead of "must"?

> d. Certificate Field: Number and street: subject:streetAddress (OID:
>     Optional if the subject:organizationName field, subject: givenName
> field, or subject:surname field are is present. Prohibited if the
> subject:organizationName field, subject:givenName, and subject:surname field
> are is absent.

My "are is present" and "are is absent" comment still applies.

> ...
> If the Certificate asserts the policy identifier of
>, then it
> MUST NOT include organizationName, givenName, surname,
> streetAddress,
> localityName, stateOrProvinceName, or postalCode in the Subject
> field.

( being Domain Validated)

Add countryName?  organizationalUnitName?  serialNumber?

Maybe it should instead list the allowed fields, which I think is
just commonName?


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