[cabf_validation] Minutes from Dec 1

Jeremy Rowley jeremy.rowley at digicert.com
Wed Dec 14 16:39:06 MST 2016

JC, Ben, Jeremy, Lie-Chun, Steve, Tyler, Wayne, Rick, Bruce


1.       IP Validation: No additional comments were received. We will
commence working on the ballot.

2.       CNAME ballot: Draft was circulated. No comments were made.

3.       SRV ballot: Draft was circulated. No comments were made on the

4.       Subject Information: Bruce evaluated consolidation of subject
information between the EV guidelines and Baseline requirements. The only
change recommended at this time is to make the state an optional field.
Jeremy said the baseline requirements make the state and locality an
"either/or" choice. However Bruce and Jeremy said we should still require
locality for EV certs and make the state optional. Bruce will put together a
ballot making the state optional.

5.       Verification Databases: Bruce will circle back with Chris and Kirk
and see where they are at on the proposal. 

6.       Ambiguity of 169: Wayne brought up that there isn't clarity on how
169 applies to previously issued certificates. Jeremy would like to ballot
this as well. The universal understanding was that the change would not
invalidate previous validations. The worry was that this would allow
continued issuance under method 7.  Wayne is going to draft the ballot. It's
important to get this interpretation on the mailing list even if we can't
ballot this until February. Make sure people understand this is an ambiguity
in the guidelines, not a change .

7.       Definition of Required Website Content: This seems like left over
language and we should just clean it up. The language is redundant with the
other permitted methods. CAs are always freed to do more. Rick will work on
a ballot with steve 



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