[cabf_validation] WG Notes from Apr 7 2016

Jeremy Rowley jeremy.rowley at digicert.com
Wed Apr 20 22:19:05 MST 2016

Attending:  Robin Alden, Jason, Ben Wilson, Jeremy Rowley, Tim Shirley, JC
Jones, Mike, Peter Bowen, Rick Andrews

1.       The WG draft will be circulated to the main mailing list by the
next call.


2.       BR Corrections Ballot: In doing the BR Corrections ballot, the
question of Wildcards had come up.  Peter pulled out the Wildcards because
there was a question around the SRV name spec, which apparently the Jabber
Servers use, among other things.  


Peter was thinking of creating a ballot to clarify the Wildcard situation
and say 

1.       "it's *.FQDN" , nothing else.  

2.       "allow _ in hosts in names where you can use dashes." That seems to
be one people wanted.   

3.       "to allow the SRV name other name form in subject alt name"

4.       and he was going to propose that "the DNS name portion has to be
validated via the methods of this ballot"  

He will send it around in an email also. 

SRV Names were discussed and how to validate them. There is an RFC on how to
validate, MX was equivalent to the SRV.  MX should be converted to SRV for
the purposes of validation.  Othernames would be part of the ballot. Peter
will write up a proposal and circulate it to the list.

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