[Servercert-wg] Final Minutes for Server Certificate Working Group Teleconference - August 8 2019

Dimitris Zacharopoulos (HARICA) dzacharo at harica.gr
Mon Aug 26 04:14:48 MST 2019

These are the Final Minutes of the Teleconference described in the 
subject of this message.

    Attendees (in alphabetical order)

Arno Fiedler (D-TRUST), Chris Kemmerer (SSL.com), Daniela Hood 
(GoDaddy), Dean Coclin (Digicert), Dustin Hollenback (Microsoft), Enrico 
Entschew (D-TRUST), Inaba Atsushi (GlobalSign), India Donald (US Federal 
PKI Management Authority), Joanna Fox (GoDaddy), Jos Purvis (Cisco), 
Kirk Hall (Entrust Datacard), Li-Chun Chen (Chunghwa Telecom), Michelle 
Coon (OATI), Mike Reilly (Microsoft), Neil Dunbar (TrustCor Systems), 
Niko Carpenter (SecureTrust), Peter Miskovic (Disig), Rich Smith 
(Sectigo), Robin Alen (Sectigo), Ryan Sleevi (Google), Tim Shirley 
(SecureTrust), Trevoli Ponds-White (Amazon), Wayne Thayer (Mozilla), 
Wendy Brown (US Federal PKI Management Authority).


      1. Roll Call

The Vice-Chair took attendance.

      2. Read Antitrust Statement

The Antitrust Statement was read.

      3. Review Agenda

Today's Agenda was approved.

      4. Approval of minutes from previous teleconference

There was discussion on the list about the minutes from the 25-July 
call. Ryan said that about 20 minutes of discussion are missing from the 
minutes, but he hasn't had time to suggest edits. He said most of the 
discussion was rehashing stuff that was previously discussed and 
minuted. Ryan said he's not terribly concerned and would be okay if 
others agree to leave that discussion out of the minutes. Jos suggested 
that a line be inserted into the minutes referencing the prior 
discussions. Dean agreed.

The minutes from the previous teleconference - with an additional 
comment stating "a discussion ensued referencing previous discussions 
around this topic"   - were approved and will be circulated to the 
public list.

      5. Validation Subcommittee Update

The Subcommittee discussed the LEI ballot that Tim has drafted. Some of 
the ballot language is copied from the LEI website and can be clarified. 
There was discussion around clarifying the validation process, 
tightening up the algorithm. The reason is that the LEI database isn't 
even a QIIS. Tim is open to proposals.

Discussed a questions about attorney/accountant letters. Dean is waiting 
on Ryan to draft a reply.

Discussed certificate lifetimes. Google proposal is for 397 days. 
Discussed 397 versus 398 days, and March 2020 implementation. Ryan is 
looking for more feedback. Dean said that DigiCert is actively gathering 
feedback from large enterprise customers with multi-year certificates 
and no automation. There are several endorsers (Apple, Let's Encrypt) 
and Ryan is looking to move to a 3-week discussion period soon. There 
was also discussion on the list about validation automation solutions 
that might reduce friction for customers. Rich said that Sectigo is also 
gathering feedback. Mike Reily said that he will discuss the ballot with 
others at Microsoft. Michelle Coon asked if the ballot only applies to 
TLS certificates. Ryan said that it only applies to the BRs and SSL/TLS. 
Wayne said that this applies to certificates that are capable of being 
used for TLS.

Dean asked if CAs are allowed to post to our lists on behalf of 
customers. Ryan said that CAs have shared feedback from customers on the 
appropriate list. Customers have also posted directly to the questions 
list, with discussion happening on the public list if the questioner 
indicates that we can.

The Subcommittee then discussed the Spring cleanup ballot. Ryan created 
a Github branch containing a number of fixes and clarifications. Ryan 
asked everyone to speak up if they can recall any issues that have been 
deferred to a cleanup ballot. Wayne asked Ryan to make the request on 
the public list.

Finally, the Subcommittee discussed the method 6 ballot. Consensus was 
that this ballot should create a new method number and the old one 
should be sunset. Wayne said that Doug was to send out an updated ballot 
- no one was sure if that has happened yet.

      6. NetSec Subcommittee Update

The Subcommittee did not meet this week and Ben was not on the call. No 
update was provided.

      7. Ballot Status

No further discussion on ballots under consideration.

        _Ballots in Discussion Period_


_*Ballots in Voting Period*_


_*Ballots in Review Period*_

        _Draft Ballots under Consideration_

/LEI (Tim H.)/
No additional comments
/Improvements for Method 6, website control (Doug)/
No additional comments
Certificate Lifetime (Ryan)/
No additional comments

/Spring Cleanup (Ryan)/
No additional comments

      8. Approval of F2F 47 Minutes

The minutes from F2F 47 were approved and will be circulated to the 
public list.

      9. Any Other Business

No other business.

      10. Next call

August 22, 2019 at 11:00 am Eastern Time.


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