[Servercert-wg] Ballot SC22: Reduce Certificate Lifetimes

Tobias S. Josefowitz tobij at opera.com
Mon Aug 19 17:20:28 MST 2019

On Tue, 20 Aug 2019, Tobias S. Josefowitz wrote:

> However, in my eyes, there can be no doubt that this change is/will be vastly 
> unpopular with web site operators by the numbers, and I do not think that, in 
> this regard, conducting surveys to begin with will add much perspective, nor 
> do I think that debating the merits of any such survey should or could 
> possibly be focal to the issue.
> That is, unless you would change your perspective on the issue if a clean 
> survey roughly reproduced the results presented by digicert. In which case, 
> by all means, we should go for it.

Alternatively, I did not think to include it initially because I am in 
fact convinced that shortening certificate lifetimes is unpopular with 
side operators, you genuinely expect a clean survey to show that it would 
indeed *not* be unpopular. Which would surprise me, but I also really do 
not insist to be the judge on that.


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