[cabfpub] Draft Ballot 211 - Resolution of Approval for WTCA v2.1 Changes

Kirk Hall Kirk.Hall at entrustdatacard.com
Mon Jul 31 16:50:33 MST 2017

Here is a draft Resolution of Approval for the proposed changes to WebTrust for CAs v2.1 (Sec. 4.5 and 4.9-4.10).  We will discuss on Thursday's call.  I'm looking for possible edits, and two endorsers.
Jeff Ward of the WebTrust Task Force may have other changes to suggest.  In the meantime, please review the proposed WTCA v2.1 changes (attached).

BALLOT 211 - Resolution of Approval for WTCA v2.1 Changes

Type of Ballot: Resolution of Approval of Forum Members only, and not a Draft Guideline Ballot or Final Maintenance Guideline Ballot.

The following motion has been proposed by Kirk Hall of Entrust Datacard and endorsed by the following CA/B Forum member representatives: XXXX and YYYY to introduce a Resolution of Approval for WebTrust for CAs v2.1 Changes, as described in the Ballot.

Purpose of Ballot: The WebTrust Task Force (TF) is ready to adopt changes to WebTrust for CAs Sec. 4.5 on CA key archival and destruction and new sections 4.9 and 4.10 on CA key transportation and CA key migration, as it has been seeing a number of open questions in those areas.  However the Task Force does not ordinarily create draft requirements, but instead typically relies on requirements from other credible sources (such as ISO 21188 for the original WebTrust for CAs in 2000) and then creates related audit criteria.  The Task Force has not asked the Forum to add the Sec. 4.5-4.10 changes to the Baseline Requirements or adopt them in a new formal Forum requirements document, but would like the Forum to formally approve the new audit criteria in a Forum Ballot.  This Ballot was drafted in response.

--Motion Begins--


The Members of the CA/Browser Forum have reviewed the proposed changes to the language of Section 4.5 and the new language of Sections 4.9 and 4.10 in the draft Trust Service Principles and Criteria for Certification Authorities (also known as WebTrust for CAs) version 2.1, and hereby APPROVE the changes and new language and recommend that they be ADOPTED by the WebTrust Task Force (as the language in these sections may be changed from time to time by the WebTrust Task Force in the future, in the Task Force's sole discretion) in the final version of WebTrust for CAs version 2.1 and subsequent versions.

--Motion Ends--

BALLOT 211 - Resolution of Approval for WTCA v2.1 Changes

Start time (22:00 UTC)

End time (22:00 UTC)

Discussion (7 to 14 calendar days)



Vote for approval (7 calendar days)



If vote approves ballot: Review Period - Not applicable.

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