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One clarification.  My draft of Ballot 190 does not include the changes from 202, rather it assumes the BRs already include the changes in 202.  It is also worth noting that the yellow highlights in the 190 draft are for review purposes only; that are not meant to be in the final BRs.


> On Jul 16, 2017, at 2:07 PM, Kirk Hall via Public <public at cabforum.org> wrote:
> Peter has put together two ballots, Ballot 202 (now in the discussion period, ending Wed.) and 190, and presented them as track changes in the entire BRs.  I have created the attached pdfs that only include the pages with changes (I think – Peter, double check me) for easier review.  Certain changes, like the revision of the important new definition of Authorization Domain Name, affect both ballots.
> This is an unusual situation – Ballot 202 will likely be voted on first, so Peter has assumed Ballot 202 passes and includes all the 202 changes in his Ballot 190.  So I recommend people start by reviewing 202, and then 190 knowing it includes those changes from 202.
> I also attach my last version of Ballot 190 v6 so we can make sure 202/190 include all the necessary changes.
> I have not had time to review these ballots in detail yet, but given how little time we have before voting starts, I encourage others to review them quickly and forward any questions / comments.  Because this affects domain validation rules, we want to make sure we get this right.
> <Ballot 202 (PB 7-13-2017) CA-Browser Forum BR 1.4.10 draft.pdf><Ballot 190 (PB 7-13-2017) CA-Browser Forum BR 1.4.10 draft with 182bis.pdf><Ballot 190 v6 (7-6-2017).pdf>_______________________________________________
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