[cabfpub] Four sets of changes for proposed ballots

Ben Wilson ben.wilson at digicert.com
Tue Jul 4 18:24:43 MST 2017

I’m helping to prepare ballots for these four sets of changes.  So far, here are the anticipated endorsers:  Peter B., Ryan S. and I intend to present the “underscores” ballot shortly (Ballot 202).  I believe that Peter and Li Chun Chen will be presenting the ASN1 ballot, and I’m willing to endorse that one.  I’m also willing to endorse the other two ballots, too, but I believe we need at least one more endorser for the dnQualifier ballot and for the EV liability ballot.  Is someone willing to endorse either of those other two proposals?




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I’ve pushed a change to fix this typo.  Thanks for noticing!


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On the ASN.1 change, there’s a pervasive typo between line 1707 and 1733 of “id-evat-jursidiction” rather than “id-evat-jurisdiction” (10 instances in all).  Otherwise, looks good to me.


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Subject: [cabfpub] Four sets of changes for proposed ballots


I’ve promised a bunch of people to propose changes and fell rather behind.  So now I’ve got four sets of changes that need review for possible ballots:


 <https://scanmail.trustwave.com/?c=4062&d=5fbG2TDF2qtBmAdXCVLnlvT33gN9b4Efm1xHgIDjyw&s=5&u=https%3a%2f%2fgithub%2ecom%2fcabforum%2fdocuments%2fcompare%2fmaster%2e%2e%2epzb%3adnqualifier%3fexpand%3d1> https://github.com/cabforum/documents/compare/master...pzb:dnqualifier?expand=1 adds dnQualifier as an allowed attribute for all certificate types (including DV)


 <https://scanmail.trustwave.com/?c=4062&d=5fbG2TDF2qtBmAdXCVLnlvT33gN9b4Efm10R09DkzA&s=5&u=https%3a%2f%2fgithub%2ecom%2fcabforum%2fdocuments%2fcompare%2fmaster%2e%2e%2epzb%3aevj-asn%3fexpand%3d1> https://github.com/cabforum/documents/compare/master...pzb:evj-asn?expand=1 adds ASN.1 info on the EV jurisdiction attribute types


 <https://scanmail.trustwave.com/?c=4062&d=5fbG2TDF2qtBmAdXCVLnlvT33gN9b4EfmwcU0tWyng&s=5&u=https%3a%2f%2fgithub%2ecom%2fcabforum%2fdocuments%2fcompare%2fmaster%2e%2e%2epzb%3aev-liability%3fexpand%3d1> https://github.com/cabforum/documents/compare/master...pzb:ev-liability?expand=1 adds language to the EV guidelines to clarify that CAs may limit their aggregate liabilities


 <https://scanmail.trustwave.com/?c=4062&d=5fbG2TDF2qtBmAdXCVLnlvT33gN9b4Efm1UQhte2ng&s=5&u=https%3a%2f%2fgithub%2ecom%2fcabforum%2fdocuments%2fcompare%2fmaster%2e%2e%2epzb%3aunderscores%3fexpand%3d1> https://github.com/cabforum/documents/compare/master...pzb:underscores?expand=1 allows underscores in domain names and clarifies what can go in common names.  This builds on Ben Wilson’s draft (thanks Ben!)


I still need to update the proposal to add SRVname as an allowed type of subject alternative name.  This will be a separate ballot.


I would appreciate feedback on any or all of these.





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