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It seems I mis-spoke on EdDSA. Curve448x uses SHAKE-256 as the internal compression function and that is a part of SHA-3. Curve25519 uses SHA-2. I thought I had lost that battle.

Now I have not read the specs deeply enough to work out if that means SHA-3 is a requirement. But just as you effectively get Blake2 for free with Cha-Cha, it means SHA-3 is going to be pulled along by Curve-X.

There are actually important security reasons to insist on only using one hash function with a particular DSA key which is why DSA has always mandated use of a particular hash function rather than the mix-n-match approach of RSA.

Also there is the issue of whether to pre-hash or not. Given that certs (and OCSP tokens) are small not pre-hashing looked like the way to go. 

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>> (Although, I was just about to note that they often use OpenSSL and
>> OpenSSL surely will support SHA-3 before BLAKE2. But it appears I'm
>> wrong and OpenSSL has had BLAKE2 for nine months and still lacks SHA-3?)
> Correct.  BLAKE2 is in OpenSSL 1.1.0.  SHA-3 will be "Post 1.1.0" according to https://github.com/openssl/openssl/issues/439
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