[cabfpub] Durations

Peter Bowen pzb at amzn.com
Mon Feb 6 15:24:17 UTC 2017

> On Feb 6, 2017, at 7:02 AM, Ryan Sleevi via Public <public at cabforum.org> wrote:
> However, because there's any interpretation involved at all, I'm happy to defer to days, with the clarification that any difference in the time period as well becomes considered a full day as well
> That is
> Jan 1 00:00:00 -> Jan 2 00:00:00 == 1 day
> Jan 1 00:00:00 -> Jan 2 00:00:01 > 1 day
> (And luckily, the same doesn't have to be said about fractional microseconds)

I was hoping to not raise the issue, but some minutes have more than 60 seconds.  Given that certificate notBefore/notAfter are specified to the second, this can cause the number of SI days to be slightly over.  As long as 00:00:00 to 00:00:00 is always one day we are fine, but anyone implementing number_of_seconds/86400 needs to ensure an extra 0.0000347 days does not trip the rule unexpectedly.


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