[cabfpub] Draft Ballot 186 - Limiting the Reuse of Validation Information

Peter Bowen pzb at amzn.com
Wed Feb 1 16:33:07 UTC 2017

> On Feb 1, 2017, at 2:05 AM, Stephen Davidson <S.Davidson at quovadisglobal.com> wrote:
> I also point out that […] the corresponding limit on validity - represent fairly radical changes to […] EV (where most issued certs have two year validity). 

(excerpting to focus on data)

I ran some numbers this morning about EV validity periods.

There are about 337,000 unexpired certs in CT logs that appear to be intended to be EV certs.  The duration between notBefore and notAfter breaks down as:

Less than about one year: 1.24%
About a year: 18.3%
About 13 months: 6.03%
About 14-15 months: 5.93%
About 16-18 months: 1.08%
About 19-24 months: 50.9%
About 25-27 months: 16.5%
Longer than about 27 months: 0.06%

The numbers are “about” because the definition of month is not clear, so I rounded things.

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