[cabfpub] Tracking concepts and work items

Peter Bowen pzb at amzn.com
Tue Feb 14 01:47:23 UTC 2017

It seems like we have a lot of different things going in the Forum right now.  At least for me there are more than I can easily keep track of in my head, so I created a Trello board to keep track of them.

The board is accessible at https://trello.com/b/yLXla4Tj <https://trello.com/b/yLXla4Tj>  If you haven’t used Trello before, it allows creation of “cards” which are organized into groups.  Each card can contain text, pictures, comments and various labels.  Users can “watch” cards which causes Trello to email them with updates.  Right now the board is set to only allow edits by authorized users.  If anyone else wants to share the board, please email me your Trello user name and I’ll give you write access, as long as you have signed the CABF IPR agreement.

To be clear, the initial items are things that I pulled from recent WG agendas or things I remember being mentioned.  Not all of them are necessarily under current discussion and some may be way off, but I wanted a place to track them so they don’t get lost.  I’m hoping this also can help avoid the “where did X come from” discussions we have had when some proposal is brought forward based on some comment from several meetings ago.  

I hope others find this useful.

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