[cabfpub] Announcement for Suspension of TURKTRUST SSL Business

Volkan Nergiz volkan.nergiz at turktrust.com.tr
Tue Sep 27 23:13:43 MST 2016

Dear All,


We would like to announce that we as TURKTRUST suspend our SSL business
including DV, OV and EV certificates due to our continuing root recognition


This is primarily due to the end of our well recognized previous certificate
hierarchy's lifecycle. Starting with October 2016, we will not be able to
issue any new SSL certificates from this specific hierarchy.


Our next generation certificate hierarchies including new DV, OV and EV
roots have continuing validity until 2023; however, the complete root
recognition for these new roots could not have been achieved since 2013
despite our substantial efforts. These new roots have already been
recognized for a long time now by Microsoft, Mozilla, Google and all other
platforms except Apple desktop and mobile root stores.


Although our application for root inclusion for these new roots dates back
to mid-2014, we have not received any satisfying feedback from Apple
representatives about the status of our application except for a few
automated acknowledgement messages.


After this two-year-long dedicated endeavor with Apple's root recognition
program, we are now stuck with this unfortunate situation of suspending our
SSL business. This may even end up with abandoning our SSL services
altogether if we cannot find a way to move on. We have a corporate plan of
supporting our live SSL certificates in domestic and international markets
until the end of their validity periods. Thus, we will continue our ETSI
certification via our planned audits and continue our compliance with
CA/Browser Forum BRs and EV Guidelines till then.


We most particularly wanted to share this situation with all the members of
CA/Browser Forum in order to bring this to the agenda once more for the sake
of finding a constructive solution for all other CAs around the world having
similar problems with Apple root recognition program.


Best regards,



Quality Management System Specialist


TURKTRUST Information Security Services Inc.

Address: Hollanda Caddesi 696. Sokak No: 7 Yıldız, Çankaya 06550 - ANKARA 

Phone: +90312 439 10 00 - Ext: 226 Fax: +90312 439 10 01

E-Mail:  <mailto:volkan.nergiz at turktrust.com.tr>
volkan.nergiz at turktrust.com.tr  

Web:  <http://www.turktrust.com.tr/> www.turktrust.com.tr 


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