[cabfpub] Allowing SHA-1 OCSP and CRL signatures past 2016

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You and I are just two voices out of many in the Forum, Ryan.  Let’s hear what other Members think as well.

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On Oct 26, 2016 8:40 AM, "Kirk Hall via Public" <public at cabforum.org<mailto:public at cabforum.org>> wrote:
> Helpful suggestion, Gerv - thanks.
> On the question of whether our change of processes to comply with our IPR Policy must be complete and immediate, I think about the prayer of the St. Augustine who was trying to mend his ways: "Oh Lord, make me pure, but not yet."
> After years of not following the exact procedures of our IPR Policy, we have decided to pause new Guidelines changes that are not time critical in order to get our existing Guidelines in order.  That process will be complete by about Jan. 7, and new Maintenance Guidelines can then be approved by about Feb. 15.  Unfortunately that is too late for Wayne's amendment which needs to be approved by Dec. 31 to prevent CAs from being out of compliance with current BR 7.1.3.  It seems everyone agrees that Wayne's amendment makes sense.
> So how about this as an alternate plan?
> 1. We pass Wayne's ballot now in the "old" fashion - 7 days discussion, 7 days vote.  The change would then go into the "old" BRs so CAs can be assured they will be in compliance after Dec. 31.  I don't think there would be any criticism by regulators, etc. in doing this so long as we continue to move toward full compliance with our IPR Policy.

This is not consistent with our bylaws. Knowing this, and having spent several months discussion this, I don't believe this is a viable option.

> 2. This week we also modify Ballot 180 to include Wayne's amendment - we treat this change as part of the 7 day discussion period that is currently underway.  In this way, the new language will be adopted in accordance with our IPR Policy, and there will be no gaps.

This makes 1 meaningless and, at best, symbolic - because it suggests 1 is fait accompli.

I realize that you're ultimately trying to find solutions, and I appreciate that. However, given your new role as Chair, I would request that this new phase begin with more careful attention to the bylaws than perhaps afforded in the past, so that we can avoid repeating the past mistakes.
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