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I may be misunderstanding what you are saying, but I wasn't going to start the 30/60 day Review period until after 7 days discussion and success on a 7 day straw poll.  Then the 30/60 day Review period, then straight to a real vote for adoption.  Shortest period start to finish would be 51 days.  Not nice, but as Virginia points out, this allows our Legal departments 30/60 days for review, and knowledge of whether there are any Exclusion Notices before final approval.

Of course, the straw poll is like a real vote today, in that people are voting before they know whether or not there will be any Exclusion Notices.  I suppose we could say the straw poll automatically becomes the real vote if (and only if) there are no Exclusion Notices filed during the subsequent 30/60 day Review period - that would cut the minimum time period from 51 days to 44 days.  If any Exclusion Notices are filed, the straw vote is discarded and we go to a PAG, new discussion and straw vote, new Review Period, etc.

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> Again, some of the issues with such early implementation work are (1)

Thank you - I certainly see your point of view. Perhaps others could chime in? If I'm trying to solve a problem that doesn't really exist, and people would be happy with a timeline where every ballot had to wait
30 days before the actual vote, perhaps we can let this go.

I guess I'm concerned that currently we have arguments about how much implementation time we need to put in ballots - 60 days, 90 days or whatever. If we start calculating those from "straw poll date", then perhaps there won't be an issue. But if people want to calculate them from "actual passing date", then the net effect is that everything the CAB Forum wants to do would come into effect 30 days later than it otherwise would. Which is not awesome from my perspective.

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