[cabfpub] Website Redesign

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Thu Oct 25 03:21:23 MST 2012

On 25/10/12 00:49, Wayne Thayer wrote:
> Go Daddy will offer up the support of our website design team to create
> a new look & feel for the site.  We'll also move it to Wordpress so that
> more people can contribute and keep it up to date.  I support the idea
> of creating a committee that can define the new structure and [more
> importantly] pitch in to write content needed for the new site.

Ben's layout looks excellent, and moving to a dynamic platform would 
mean we could share the load of maintaining the site out among more 
people, which would help make sure it remained current. So I support 
both of these moves :-)


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