[Infrastructure] hackathon quick meeting notes

Dimitris Zacharopoulos (HARICA) dzacharo at harica.gr
Tue Feb 18 07:58:15 MST 2020

Infrastructure SC hackathon (2020-02-18)

  * Before we delete branches, we should know which links will be broken
    (who used pull requests and who did not). Get links that will break
    and get the diff patch files. Add them to a zip file and add to wiki.
  * Declare "bankruptcy", and delete unnecessary branches.
  * Create a workable process first and then declare bankruptcy
  * New process should cover the scenario where a ballot is being merged
    during the process of another ballot being prepared.
  * New process should also cover the scenario where the who the propose
    is, changes during the process of preparing a ballot.

List of priorities
1. Add pull request process in the entire redline process
2. Automatically create the binary PDF
3. The "binary" redlines can be automatically created. Until this 
happens, optionally manually produce "binary" redlines.
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