[Infrastructure] Minutes from 22 April Meeting

Jos Purvis (jopurvis) jopurvis at cisco.com
Thu Apr 30 08:29:02 MST 2020

Apologies these are late!


Present: Ben, Daniela, Dimitris, Ryan, Wayne


1. Anti-trust

2. Minutes from previous meeting

            Approved as written modulo correction from Joanna

3. Website and Mailer Migration

            Daniela -- has contact from ENG to help out with mailer issues and migrations.

            Trev had "one more thing to do" — Jos will connect her with Michol @ GoDaddy to get migration of mailer moving

4. Pandoc

            Ryan: One issue identified—list items numbering and formatting. Need some improvements around handling removed items as well as letter-lists.

            Jos: How to move forward on this?

            Ben: Stick with the default in Markdown?

            Ryan: There are still some issues with that, like the removal of items vs. renumbering.

            Ben: If y'all wanted to bring back some proposals, that would be good.

            Dim: Whatever you come back with should be used consistently. Be sure to look at the sections that are several layers deep that could be complicated.


            Section numbering

            Ryan and Jos to set aside some time next week to come back with a proposed standard for this.

5. Webex meeting migration account thing

            Dimitris to look at moving meetings and sending memo

6. June meeting

            Dimitris, Wayne, Dean met and will allocate three hours per day for meetings, and will email the management list about locking in dates and times for that week, four days max. Reviewed PDF from Jos regarding large meetings virtually (from IETF): concluded that they need a demo meeting to explore features in WebEx. Jos/Somer to coordinate demo with Dimitris of the different WebEx types. We'll post demo times and links to the infra list for people to have the option to join and check it out.





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